Creating Stories on Shopify

“Stories as a format has brought the biggest shift in consumer behaviour digitally”. This is what Facebook said when it adapted the stories format that started from Snapchat.
Reason being the user behaviour has changed as there has been an increase in alternatives for every solutions on the internet. Users have more options and lesser time per site to to pay attention to what you want them to do. Stories help you put users attention to exactly what you want keep them engaged and stuck to your content.
Think about using this to boost your sales on your e-commerce store. You could attract users to purchase your products which you would loose otherwise after a few scrolls. This solves a very big discovery problem for the user and reduces the conversion time. Using Coverstories you can upload images ( and videos coming soon ) have Instagram like stories on your e-commerce store. Let’s see how to do this.

Check the video to know more about creating stories for your store.