Your success is our success

Hey There,

We are glad you are visiting this page. Because we have put a lot of effort into this. Imagine if someone asks, “Who you are?”. How difficult is it to give a balanced answer? We took a while to define ourselves and what as a company we are going to stand for.

We are a young startup founded by Dinesh, Vishwa, and Sanket. We worked together in the past and discovered that we are a great team. Later, Sanket moved to Amsterdam, Vishwa and Dinesh moved to a city that has the world’s 2nd longest beach.

The Ninjas assembled again to build their own company this time.
We wanted to help stores to sell more using stories that don’t expire. I am pretty sure we have said this in Home page but wanted to register this one more time 🙂

We thought about mission and vision but decided to keep it simple – “If our customer succeeds, we will succeed”.

This means if we bring you to help more sales you will continue your journey with us. Simple right!

We understand life is not always rainbows and butterflies, what may come good or bad times we will be completely honest. If we did a mistake, we did! And we will correct it.
Always remember we are just a ping away, if we didn’t reply immediately, we may have gone to the restroom, we will get back to you.

We are entrepreneurs just like you trying to get the best for the customers.

More power to us!!